Wednesday, November 6, 2013

..hello november!..

Seriously, where did October go? Well I guess it went to Disney, then to a birthday party, then to Halloween and right on out the door. At least, that's what happened around here! We had a ton going on every.single.week of October. There were two baby showers that I had to sew gifts for. Disney took some planning, and we were there a week. Then as soon as we got home, I had 4 days until the girls' third birthday party. The day after the party was over, decorating for Halloween was in full swing. That also included repairing the girls' Halloween costumes (we really partied hard at Disney!) and creating a costume for my 5-month old nephew. My sister wanted  him to be a turtle, and I couldn't find a pattern, so I just came up with one. It took two full days of trial an error, fitting, expanding and occupying my girls to get it done. But he was one adorable little turtle!

Then Halloween was here, now it's gone and it's November! I also started selling handmade jewelry a a couple of local boutiques, and it's selling faster than I can make it. So one of the boutique owners decided she wants me to do a big jewelry show at her shop on the first Saturday in December. So I've been working on that as well. Add that to the holiday gifts that I've started (I have to, or it would be March before anyone got stuff!) and I'm just about crazy y'all! Whew!

But I do have some projects to share with you soon, I promise. One includes making several pieces of clothing from a $2.50 thrift store find. I just love the holiday season!

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