Monday, September 9, 2013

..perfectly thin day 2..

Morning weight: 163.2
Not huge, but hey, if I lose .8lbs every day, that's over 5lb lost at the end of the week. I would take that!

Took my morning pill and waited 30mins. Ate half of a meal bar, and half of a banana. I just couldn't stomach the rest of the meal bar. I don't think it had anything to do with the pills, it's more the gritty texture. My girls shared the banana with me. 

Took my afternoon pill thinking I would get to eat after 30mins, but ended up having to wait an hour. By then I was pretty jittery. Grabbed something quick, and about 15mins later I felt fine. I do NOT recommend taking them without food. Lunch was a Zaxby's Kids Nibblerz meal. I ate all of the Nibbler but couldn't eat all the french fries, and didn't even touch whatever the "dessert" was.  Pretty good considering the kids meals aren't very big. 
Dinner was a bowl and a half of Honey Kix and 2% milk, shared with the girls. 
Day 2, done!

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